Phutthasathan Phu Sing  -    
 Known as:   Wat Phutthawat Phu Sing    
 Description:   During the end of year 1966, the Buddhist and Cultural Supporting Committee of Kalasin province with Mr.Buri Promlakkano as the chairman agreed to build a big Buddha Statue in the position of subduing Mara with the lap measure at 10.5 meters on the southern side of Phu Singh mountain. This Buddha Statue was planned to be the center of the Buddhist in Kalasin province and for the auspiciousness of the province. Building this Buddha Statue was considered a big project since it was a cooperation between the villagers and the monks in the province and nearby province as well. The groundbreaking ceremony was on 14th April 1968 according to the astrologer and the abbot of Wat Chakrawatdirachawat (Wat Sam Pluem).

The word “Phra Puttapatimakorn” when combined with the word “Prom” (meaning Dhamma) into “Phra Prom Pumpalo” has the meaning as the great one with Dhamma to protect the city. In the celebration ceremony of this statue, his Excellency Deputy Prime Minister Prapat Jarusatian and the Ministry of the Interior during that time were the chairmen of the ceremony and the leader to perform the Buddha’s ash containing ceremony in order to emphasize the sacredness of this statue.

Nowadays, Phra Prom Pumpalo is in the responsibility of the monks and the government officials in Sahatkun district. The monks determined this place as an accommodation for monks named “Puttawat” with Father Siripattanited, the prior of Wat Traipoom, as the chairman. It is also the center of Buddhist and meditation center for the Buddhist. Being up here, the view of the Chonlapratan Dam is visible and also the city of Nonburi. On the east side is the view of Phu Por, Phu Kaow, Phu Peng and Phu Kum Kaow compared like the garden. On the west side is the Kan Toh mountain in Amphur Ta Kan Toh which is also the sunset view point.

There are 2 routes to travel up this mountain which are the 299 steps of stairs and the 3 kilometers pavement. In each year, there is the Tak Bat Thevorohana Ceremony, which is a big event of Kalasin province. Many Buddhist in Kalasin and nearby provinces join this event.
 Province   Kalasin  Direction:      
 District   Sahatsakhan    
 City   Phu Sing  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Religion      Related links:      
 Best exposure   AM-PM          
 Opening time   N/A          
 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   16.71553 N 103.51391 E  
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