Phi Ta Khon festival 2006  
 Address:   Dan Sai city    
 Known as:   Bun Luang  Ghost Festival  
 Description:   Phi Ta Khon is the most popular festival in Loei province in the Northeast of Thailand (Issan). It is held in Dan Sai district and lasts for three days. The date for this event changes each year, but it is always sometime between March and July. The exact date is determined by two mediums (mor pii) Jao Por Guan and Jao Mae Nang Tiam. This event is part of a larger celebration known as Bun Luang which also includes Bun Bang Fai (the rocket festival).
The Phi Ta Khon festival includes a mixture of both animist and Buddhist beliefs. It is based on the Jataka tales which are stories of the previous lives of Siddhattha Gotama before he became the Buddha. In his penultimate lifetime before becoming awakened he was a prince known as Vessandara. Phi Ta Khon marks the time when this prince returned to welcoming parade in his home city prior to this he had been banished for giving away a Royal elephant. The homecoming was so joyous and important that even the spirits of the dead decided to attend. It is this coming together of the dead and living that is commemorated by Phi Ta Khon the aim is to recreate that colorful day when Prince Vessandara was welcomed back to his home city.
 Province   Loei  Direction:      
 District   Dan Sai    
 City   Dan Sai  Comments:   Usually held end of June or early July but change every year based on the moon calander  Official Web:    
 Genre   Festival      Related links:   http://www.thaitrave  
 Best exposure   N/A         http://www.tourwitht  
 Opening time   3 days          
 Entry fee   Free     Coordinates:    101.148905 E 17.274895 N  
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Phi Ta Khon Masks Procession with Monks Traditionnal music
Jao Por Guan House ceremony Opening Procession Phon Chai Temple ceremony
Phi Ta Khon Dance
Wat Phon Chai
Phi Ta Khon Dance
Municipal house
Procession of Communities
Dance at Jao Por Guan House Ceremony Phra Wate San Don Procession
Phon Chai Temple ceremony Phi Ta Khon Dance
Wat Phon Chai
Commercial street-Masks
Kids traditionnal games  Making Masks   

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