LOPBURI HISTORIC CITY  -  Kraison Siharat Hall   
 Known as:   The Chub Sorn Lake Pavilion Yen Pavilion  
 Description:   Kraison Siharat Hall, one of King Narai the Greatís many residences, is commonly known as Phra Thinang Yen or Thale Chup Son Hall. It is located on an island surrounded by Thale Chup Son, which was once a large reservoir created by a stone-and-cement dam. According to French chronicles, when King Narai the Great hunted elephants in the east mountain, he would return and rest at this hall. Although its exact date of construction is not known, it is theorized it was erected prior to 1685.

The hall also holds historic significance for astronomers. King Narai the Great utilized it to observe a lunar eclipse and later a solar eclipse, along with Jesuit priests and the first group of envoys representing King Louise XIV of France. Admission is 50 baht per person, though a package covering admission to Phra Prang Sam Yot, Vichayen House and Wat Phra Si Maha That as well as the hall is priced at 150 baht.
 Province   Lopburi  Direction:      
 District   Mueang     
 City   Tha Hin  Comments:      Official Web:    
 Genre   Historic      Related links:      
 Best exposure   AM-PM          
 Opening time   na          
 Entry fee   150 THB for all sites     Coordinates:    14.812092 N 100.645240 E  
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