Former Governor's Residence Museum  
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 Description:   Nakhon Phanom Provincial Governor's Residence (Old building) is a unique beautiful Western-style architecture, influenced by the French style of construction during the Indochina war, aged older than 80 years. The building is a two-story, exhibits on "Illustration" of the former city of Nakhon Phanom. The museum is divided into 5 zones,

Zone 1 on the first floor, narrates the memories of local resident and biographies of the past governors through the photos.

Zone 3 Muan Suen Nakhon Phanom. A story of cultural diversity and Lifestyle that shared between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

2nd Floor,

Zone 1 express the story with images and sound of the time while his majesty the King and Queen came for overnight visits.

Zone 2 exhibits the large bedroom where his majesty the King and Queen were in residence. However, there is no furniture, since the Bureau of the Royal Household brought them and took them back.

A Rear building were upgraded to be "Huan Hua Fire" (Steamboat house) to exhibit the history, and the construction of Nakhon Phanom’s Steamboat from past to present.
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