Rama IX Park   -    
สวนหลวง ร.9   
 Known as:        
 Description:   Rama IX Park has previously known as “Suan Nong Saeng” covers an area of about 84 Rai, it is popular place for local people to relaxing with fish pond, area of exercise and space for activities. Inside the park there is a natural lake with a small island in the middle and surrounded by Saeng Trees. In 1987, Nakhon Phanom’s governor and Mueang District’s mayor asked the people to donate money, totaling 400,000 baht, to be included with 100,000 baht of the Municipality Office, to renovate the park, in the occasion of His Majesty the King’s 60th birthday. The park was renamed as “Suan Luang Ro Gao” (Rama IX Park) which held the opening ceremony on December 5, 1987.  
 Province   Nakhon Phanom  Direction:      
 District   Mueang    
 City   Nai Mueang  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Park-Garden      Related links:      
 Best exposure   AM/PM          
 Opening time   na          
 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   17.42413 N 104.77007 E  
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