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 Description:   In the series of monasteries along the Mekong River at Nakhon Phanom, Wat Klang, the central temple, is located exactly between Wat Okat (วัด โอกาส) and Wat Mahathat (วัด มหาธาตุ), the two most important.

Despite these two famous neighbors, Wat Klang, whose origins date back more than three centuries, remains a place of worship to see, mainly for its two sacred statues.

The first is placed in the Ubosot, right from the entrance. Inside, gilded columns direct your gaze towards this famous sacred Buddha, with a proud and upright look, named Phra Ong Tue (พระ องค์ ตื้อ), or Luang Pu Tue (หลวง ปู่ ตื้อ). Imposing, Lan Xang style, its origins date back to the year 1788.

The second sacred statue of Wat Klang is placed in a Montop, in front of the ordination room. If Luang Pu Tue represents the historical Buddha, the main statue in this Montop is the effigy of a monk, called Phra Sangkachai in Thailand (พระ สั ง กั จ จ ย ย น์ น์).

If four statues with similar features are placed in this room, the most sacred she the one in the center, at the top. It was carved the same year as Luang Pu Tue.

She represents Phra Sangkachaï. This monk, whose legend is that he was a direct disciple of the Buddha, is known for being overweight. Intentionally gaining weight, or magically depending on the version, in order to upright and devote himself to his monastic life in peace, without casting shadow on the Buddha, he is thus admired for his devotion to Buddhism.

Phra Sangkachai is not to be confused with Budai, a character equally corpulent but rather from the Chinese world. He finds himself, more often than not, in Chinese shrines or temples in Thailand.

Moreover, if it is known under the name of Phra Sangkachai in Thailand since the beginning of the Rattanakosin era, this monk is also known by several names, such as Gavampati or Kaccāyana. If the subject interests you, I can only advise you to read the thesis on this Bhikku, in French, of François Lagirarde, or some of these texts on the subject.
 Province   Nakhon Phanom  Direction:      
 District   Mueang    
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 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   17.39343 N 104.79220 E  
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