Wat Khao O  
 Known as: Wat Khao O
 Description: Wat Khao Hor is one of the old temples at Phatthalung, established more than 900 years. This temple has many caves such as Tham Pra or Tham Chanbanpot, Tham Sai Cave, Tham Shai, Tham Hom and Tham Thong Phra Rong. Some caves use for enchanted amulets and sacred objects Jatukarmramathep and have herbal bath tub. People believed that if who can immersed for 7 days, soak the 7 nights, that one will be immortal. Khun Pan Rak Khun Rat Det ever came and soaked there. There have Buddha footprint, Pagoda. and Buddha statues. Tourists usually visit on weekend, holiday and especially is when Kin Neaw Dam Rammana event (8th lunar, 3rd month). The event is a time to merits Khao Horís Boorapachan.
 Province Phatthalung  Direction:
 District Khuan Khanun
 City Makok Muea  Comments:  Official Web:  
 Genre Temple  Related links:    
 Best exposure Morning  
 Opening time na  
 Entry fee Free GPS : 7.751651 N 100.0673 E  
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