Goa Gajah  
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 Description:   Goa Gajah is believed to date back to the 11th century although relics predating this time have been unearthed within the site. The first known mention of Goa Gajah and the Elephant Temple was in the Javanese poem Desawarnana written in 1365.

Despite the ancient significance of the Elephant Temple, the last excavation took place during the 1950ís.  Today, much of the site still remains unexplored with piles of relics laid out in an adjoining garden.

Popular belief is that Goa Gajah was used as a sanctuary by Hindu priests who dug the cave entirely by hand.  Although accredited as a sacred Hindu site, a number of relics and the nearby Buddhist temple suggest that the site also held special significance to early Buddhists.
 Province   Bali  Direction:      
 District   Gianyar    
 City   Blahbatuh  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Religion      Related links:       
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 Entry fee   na     GPS :   -8.52343, 115.28715  
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