Pupuan Rice Terrace area  
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 Description:   Pupuan Rice Terraces is beautiful and of the best rice terrace located in Pupuan district, Tabanan, western part of Bali island, being in a position above this rice paddy gave you a wonderful perspective. Each rice paddy has a converging seam, where one field is separated by another. The slopes in the area have over the years been turned into amazing and beautiful rice terraces, together with coffee groves and orchards.  
 Province   Bali  Direction:      
 District   Tabanan    
 City   Pupuan  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Scenery      Related links:       
 Best exposure   na          
 Opening time   na          
 Entry fee   na     GPS :   -8.36024, 115.02287  
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Pupuan Rice Terrace area  xx 

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