Tanah Lot  
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 Description:   Tanah Lot is a curious and captivating rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali, that is famous for its Hindu temple, the Pura Tanah (pura meaning temple in Balinese). It’s a pilgrimage site nonetheless so many local people still visit the temple to worship the Balinese sea gods.
This temple has been sitting on a rock for centuries
Tanah Lot literally means “land of/in the sea”. The temple sits on an offshore rock. The story goes that a  Hindu monk named Nirartha built the Tanah Lot temple in the 15th century. He landed on the island during his travels and rested there for some time. The local fishermen saw him and decided to visit him, bringing gifts with them every time. What started out as gifts for the Hindu monk ended up as offerings for the sea gods of the Balinese mythology.
This is how the Tanah Lot temple got built and how it became one of the seven temples of the Bali Sea. These temples are supposed to protect the island from the dangers that could threaten its coasts. They call it Island of the Gods for a reason!
 Province   Bali  Direction:      
 District   Tabanan    
 City   Kediri  Comments:    Official Web:    
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 Entry fee   na     GPS :   -8.62121, 115.0868  
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