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 Description:   About six kilometers south of Watublapi is Bola, a big village, dominated by an impressive church. The road then descends for two kilometers towards Ipir, a village at the southern coast. The paved road is extended until the coastal village of Habibola, 15 kilometers east of Ipir. About a kilometer before Habibola is Pantai Doreng, a nice, four kilometer long beach with sand with the color of gold.
Ipir used to own a big wooden cross at the beach, of which it is said to be made during the Portuguese period. It disappeared in 1947 and is replaced by a more simple model on the same location.
The residents of Ipir are all catholic. The village still looks traditional. Almost all houses, the bigger and smaller, still have their traditional roofing of alang-alang. The walls are made of split bamboo. Most women wear sarongs with a characteristic pattern, which can only be found in this area. The local weaver supplies to the need of fabrics and brings in money as well.
When the weather is calm, men in canoe's with small sails sail onto the sea to fish. The local economy is heavily depending on the trade of copra, however the small coastal plains hardly offer any space for big coconut tree forests. Cashew trees form an addition to their income.
The villagers also tap palm trees for tuak, a drink which becomes slightly alcoholic during natural fermentation. Don't take the 'slightly' too light: who drinks enough tuak will get as drunk as possible.
In Ipir you can see the women working with threats for their ikats. All fabrics are made on traditional machines and made from hand-woven cotton; the dye is made from tree bark, roots and leaves.
 Province   East Nusa Tenggara  Direction:      
 District   Flores    
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