Wuring village  
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 Description:   This is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Flores island, called Wuring village, located around 6 km from the city of Maumere. The village has the size of 8 km2 with 4.717 inhabitants (2012). From the time of the Dom Thomas Ximenes Da Silva, the King of Sikka, the Bajo Moslem people from Celebes are permitted to live in the Sikka region. They always live in peace and harmony with the local people from Sikka who mostly are Christians. The Bajo people mostly live as skilled sailors and fishermen catching sea cucumbers, sardines, squids and octopus. In the tsunami following the earthquake of 7,8 Richter scale that occurred in Flores on December 12, 1992; the 3 meter high sea water swept the village of Wuring. Around 2.100 people died in all Flores, including 87 people in the Wuring village. Around 26 people stayed in their boats during tsunami and they all lived. Many more people stayed in the mosque and all people in the mosque were safe too.  
 Province   East Nusa Tenggara  Direction:      
 District   Flores    
 City   Maumere (Sikka)  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Local life      Related links:      
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 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   -8.55608, 122.1593  
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Wuring village  xx

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