Banyumulek Pottery  
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 Description:   Banyumulek is a center of pottery industry throughout Lombok Island since the 1990s, where 80% of the population is involved in the work.
Initially the type of pottery or ceramics produced is used for daily needs, such as a “gentong” or barrel, a pitcher, garbage cans and others. But over the course of time and the development of tourism on the island of Lombok, there is a shift value that is more directed to the element of decoration, in the sense that the pottery produced is used for decoration, such as decorating the garden or hotel room or home.
In the village of Banyumulek, making pottery is an ability that is passed down from generation to generation. The expertise is finally able to lift the village economy, even attract visitors to witness and shop pottery in this village.
 Province   West Nusa Tenggara  Direction:      
 District   Lombok    
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 Genre   Local life      Related links:      
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 Entry fee   na     GPS :   -8.64817, 116.11604  
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Banyumulek Pottery  xx

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