Wat Hasdavas  -  
 Known as: Wat Hatsadawat Wat Hatdawas
 Description:  Wat Hatsadawat is aligned with an east/west orientation. It is comprised of three primary structures. There is a reconstructed sermon hall, which consists of only an outline of its basic foundation layer. One chedi rests at the front of the sermon hall. This bell-shaped chedi is constructed in the Sri Lanka style. It is basically round with multiple rings leading to its spire. The harmika is present and the spire has at least 30 rings. This chedi sits on a
square foundation that is decorated with brick balustrades. Excavations around this chedi revealed stucco pieces of elephant statues (similar to the ones at Wat Maheyong). These elephant images suggest that Wat Hatsadawat may have been constructed during the Early Ayutthaya period. A second bell-shaped chedi rests at the back of the sermon hall. This has an octagonal base, and its upper portions are missing from the top of its relic chamber. In addition, the monastery walls have been rebuilt at the ground level, and there are traces of smaller chedi in situ. There is still part of a moat surrounding Wat Hatsadawat.
 Province Ayutthaya  Direction:
 District A. Mueang
 City Lum Phli  Comments:  Official Web: Link to Official web site  
 Genre Historic  Related links:    
 Best exposure AM/PM  
 Opening time n/a  
 Entry fee Free GPS : 14.36302 N 100.55773 E  
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