Wat Na Phramen  -  
 Known as: Wat Na Phra Meru   
 Description: The temple is located along Khlong Sra Bua and the north bank of the Khlong Mueang or as know as Lob Buri River just opposite the ancient Grand Palace. It was received the name Wat Phra Meru Rachikaram, the old temple outside the city area. As its name indicates, it must have been established at a Royal cremation area during the later Ayutthaya period. Remarkably, this temple was not destroyed when Ayutthaya was lastly defeated by Burmese troops.

The ordination hall (ubosot) faces south and measures approximately 50 m by 16 m. Inside the ubosot, there are octagonal columns. The top of the columns were made in the form of closed lotuses to support the large roof. The ceiling was decorated with carved wood and colored glasses showing the meaning of beautiful stars in the sky. The windows appear along the ubosotís walls which later has been extended by adding pillars during the later Ayutthaya period.

Highlight of this ubosot is its gable. The ubosotís gable is featuring Vishnu (in Thailand called Phra Narai or Narayan) mounted on Garuda, on top of the demon head Rahu placed between two Nagas and flanked by 26 celestial. Vishnu is considered the symbol of the King.

The principal Buddha image at Wat Na Phra Menís ubosot is seated in the 'subduing Mara' position, and wears royal attire. Its full name is : Phra Buddha Nimitr Vichit Maramoli Sisanpeth Boromtrailokanat with the lap of 4.40 meters wide and 6 meters high. The imageís face is graceful, peaceful and respectful. Buddha images were royal attire like this are typical for the later Ayutthaya period. The statue is the most beautiful and largest crowned Buddha image that was left following the war with Burma.

The ubosoth of Wat Na Phra Men was restored during the reign of King Rama III. In a separate small Viharn next to ubosot, another unique seated Buddha image of the Dvaravati period, named Phra Khantharat, which was carved in green stone, can be seen. Itís 1 of 5 seated Buddha images in Thailand which is worth preserved.


Wat Na Phra Men is one of the culture heritages of Ayutthaya. This temple is perfect for those who are interested in history and archeology and a good attraction for visitors. It opens from 8am-6pm. Admission fees are 20 baht for foreigner. For more information please call 035-241-704 (Ayutthaya Studies Institution) or 035-246-076 (Tourism Thailand ,Ayutthaya)
 Province Ayutthaya  Direction:
 District A. Mueang
 City Khlong Sa Bua  Comments:  Official Web:  
 Genre Historic  Related links:    
 Best exposure AM-PM  
 Opening time n/a  
 Entry fee Free GPS : 14.36246 N 100.55883 E  
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