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 Description: Wat Kai is an ancient temple during the Ayuttaya Kingdom then it was abandoned after the fall of Ayuttaya. In year 1992, there was a group of monk who came and founded a priest house here. In year 1997, this temple was offered to the monks and was named “Wat Kai” (meaning chicken) since there have been a lot of chickens died from plague here.

There are also many monkeys in this temple but they are tame and friendly. It was not clear about the exact time they started to live here.

Another interesting thing in this temple is the Buddha image named “Luang Por Yai”. This Buddha image is believed to be a sacred one to relieve sickness. Moreover, there is also the Pra Sangkatchai or “Ta Pae” which the villagers believed to bring fortune. If their wishes are granted, they usually come back and feed the monkeys in this temple as the vow redeeming.

Wat Kai is located at Tambol Hunsang, Amphur Bangpahan, 25 kilometers away from the central Ayuttaya. Follow the national route 32 and you will see the entrance. Go straight inside for 600 meters and you will see a monkey sign at the entrance.

 Province Ayutthaya  Direction:
 District Bang Pahan
 City Samphao Lom  Comments:  Official Web:  
 Genre Temple  Related links:    
 Best exposure Afternoon  
 Opening time n/a  
 Entry fee Free GPS : 14.50971 N 100.52303 E  
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