Ban Len Island -  Ban Len Island Lighthouse  
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 Description:   It is Located in the South of Balen Island Moo 12 Bang Pa - In District, Ayutthaya The "Krajomfai", or "Linghthouse" as it is called in English, was built so as to observe the navigation by turning on the light on the top. The lamp formerly used Coconut oil, kerosene, changed to use gas and then sunlight nergy. Balen Island Lighthouse was built from brick and cement. Its shape is cylindrical from the bottom to the top. The diameter of the base is five meters and it is twenty meters high. The front gate consists of eighty steps going round from the bottom to the top through the outer balcony. The middle wall has the curve and round window. The top is the glass tower and the root is the sharp funnel which looks like the Chinese hat where the lamp is. The Lighthouse in Balen Island was Built by King Chulalongkorn at the same time as Wat Niwet Thammaprawat in 1867. Because this Island is far from the community, he used riverboats to bring food and things to the temple every 15 days.
It was necessary to have the lighthouse for noticing. At that time; the palace officials looked after it. Later the temple became in charge to pulled down the lamp in order to refill it and light it every day. Afterwards it changed into the electric lamp. When the navigation on the Chao Phraya River reduced, at last the lighthouse stopped working.
 Province   Ayutthaya  Direction:      
 District   Bang Pa-in    
 City   Ban Len  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Historic      Related links:      
 Best exposure   AM/PM          
 Opening time   n/a          
 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   14.22872, 100.57501    
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