Known as:   Phra Racha Wang Derm พระราชวังกรุงธนบุรี  
 Description:   PhraRacha Wang Derm (Wang Derm Palace) or Thon Buri Palace is the royal palace of King Taksin the Great. It is now located in the Royal Thai Navy, on ArunAmarin Road, on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, at the mouth of Bangkok Yai Canal. This area was the location of Wichayen Fort, a fort built in the reign of King Narai the Great of Ayutthaya Kingdom as Bangkokwas an important city by the sea of that era.Wang DermPalace or Thon Buri Palace was built in the reign of King Taksin the great in 1767, during the same time thatThonburi was appointed the new capital city of Thailand. The palace was built to be the royal residence with a Throne Hall for governing. The Wichayen Fort was also renovated and renamed, WichaiPrasit Fort. The location of this palace was strategically significant as it already had a secured fort overlooking far distance. Moreover, PhraRacha Wang Derm is also a place where many of Thai Kings were born such as King Nangklao, King Mongkut and KingPinkloa. Inside Wang Derm Palace is the Throne Hall, the most important place of the palace, which was divided into two segments. The first part is "Tong PraRong," the throne room, or "Winitchai" which is a Thai-style pavilion with a cement platform. The roof of the throne room segment is decorated with Cho Fah (gable apex), Bai Raga (sloping edges of the gable) and Hang Hong (two-side bottom corners of the gable) and covered with earthenware tiles. The room is used to hold council and royal ceremonies of Thonburi Kingdom. Nowadays, the Royal Thai Navy still uses this place to hold important events and ceremonies as well. The other segment is "RatchaMontien" (royal residence) or "Pra Tee NungKwang."It was floored with wood and decorated in the same style as the throne room. Nowadays, the place is used to welcome VIP and hold meetings in some occasions.Apart from the Throne Hall, there are also two small Chinese-style residences of King Pinklao. Inside the smaller residence, it displays the exhibition on King Taksin's royal duties regarding wars through four paintings such as painting on naval war and Chantaburi battle. It also displays weapons used in previous battles. The bigger residence is in Thai-Chinese architectural style. It exhibits King Taksin's royal duties regarding society, economy, culture and international affairs. King Taksin's shrine is where the standing statue of King Taksinholding sword is located. Moreover, there is a Whale Head Shrine which features a whale skull found near the area of King Taksin's shrine.   
 Province   Bangkok  Direction:      
 District   Bangkok Yai    
 City   Wat Arun  Comments: Open to public only few days mid December each year  Official Web:   Link to Official web site  
 Genre   Palaces-Monuments and Memorials      Related links:   http://bangkokforvis  
 Best exposure   Morning         https://www.khaosode  
 Opening time   Open the last 2 week of Dec every year.          
 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   13.74279, 100.48971    
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