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 Description:   Bangkok Bus travel is cheap with fares from 8-32 baht. Getting around Bangkok by bus is a good way to see the city & experience Bangkok travel like a local. City buses in Bangkok are plentiful but getting around Bangkok by bus is also time-consuming and can sometimes be confusing. The City Buses in Bangkok come in different colors and are air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned. There is also a rapid bus service (BRT) but this only runs on one route.
Most Bangkok buses are run by the BMTA, though some routes are licensed to private operators. Air-Conditioned buses are orange, yellow, blue or white.  Non-Air Conditioned buses are red, pink, blue, orange or white.
Bangkok Bus fares are not expensive. Air-Con bus fares are between 11-32 baht depending on the distance. Non-Air conditioned bus Fares are 8 baht (red), 10 baht (blue, white, pink, orange). You buy a ticket from the conductor on board. Donít try to
pay with large notes. Conductors can usually change a 100 baht note max. Keep your ticket as inspectors often hop on to check tickets.
If traveling by air-conditioned Bangkok bus, make sure you know the name of your destination as you will need to tell the conductor. Most conductors understand some English but they may not understand your pronunciation! Drivers usually do not usually understand any English.
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