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 Description:   Exploring Bangkok by boat is a fantastic way to get a glimpse into the timeless charm of the city. You can experience the role of Bangkok’s many waterways, which dates back to ancient times.
Bangkok’s waterways are divided into 3 parts:
The main Chao Phraya River
Klong Saen Saeb – cuts across Bangkok city from east to west
Klongs of Thonburi – a network of canals on the opposite side of the river

There are 6 main types of boats:
River taxis (also called Express Boats)
Long-tail boats
River-crossing ferry
Canal boats
Private river cruise
Hotel shuttle boats

There are 5 types of Express Boat River Taxis:
No flag (Local Line) – stops at every Pier
Blue Flag Line (tourist boat) – stops whenever you want
Orange Flag Line – stops at the main piers
Yellow Flag Line – large express boat for commuters
Green Flag Line – express boat for commuters

Long-tail boats are like tuk-tuks on water. These narrow yellow boats can be rented privately. You can negotiate the cost with the driver.
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