Address:   Wat Maha But, On Nut, Sukhumvit 77  Wat Maha But, On Nut, Sukhumvit 77   
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 Description:   Although there is no historical record to show that Nang Nak was a real person, the local people strongly believe in the power of her spirit. Towards the end of the movie, Nang Nak is cornered at Wat Mahabut. This is a real temple and this is where you will find an extremely popular shrine for Nang Nak. People believe that if you go to her shrine and make an offering then the spirit of Nang Nak will look after you. I havenít been back to this temple for several years, but I wasnít really surprised the other week to see that the shrine was just as popular as ever. I could see that she had changed her clothes and that she now wore a wig. In the picture below you can see she is also wearing make-up.
People who go to this shrine to pray for good luck often give the spirit beautiful clothes and also cosmetics. Toys and gifts for the child are also given. She is holding the baby in her lap. In the above picture, you can see composer Somtow Sucharitkul and conductor Trisdee na Patalung who visited the shrine recently with the cast and crew of their opera MAE NAK. They were there to notify the spirits of their good intentions and also to receive good luck for their production. Mae Nak is playing at the Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre in Bangkok on 12-13 July 2011 before heading to the UK (see here).

To get to Wat Mahabut, take the sky train to the end of the line to On Nut. Just north of the station, on the east side, you will see Soi 77 On Nut. The temple is about 900 metres down this road on the left. Look out for Soi 7. You will find the temple at the end of this lane. The shrine is at the far side of the temple near the canal. 
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 District   Suan Luang    
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 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   13.71509 N 100.60655 E  
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