STREET ART -  Colour of Charoenkrung  
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 Description:   In 2020 during the COVID19 lockdown, Creative Economy Agency (CEA), the government organisation responsible for TCDC among others, organized ‘Colour of Charoenkrung’ to help bring life to the District following the period of government imposed isolation. Thirty street artists where invited to tell stories on the abandoned walls in small sois running off Charoenkrung Road.  It follows the highly successful BUKRUK street art festival of 2016. 
Viewing the 30 murals is easiest by foot. Stroll around the Creative District, from Bangrak to Tsong-Wad, stopping off to buy food and drink as you go. You will see the works of rising stars including: TNOP DESIGN, WISHULADA, KENZ, Ease-Studio, Bunjerd.Boy, Prang Vejjajiva and more. 
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 Artist: Cherdsak Mei Khanam
Location: The Wall of Bangkok Check Inn Hotel, Soi Charoen Krung 44

The Charoenkrung district and the Chao Phraya riverside district have a long relationship From the past, the Chao Phraya River was the lifeblood that nourished the people on both sides. With cutting “Charoen Krung Road” is the first western road in Thailand. At this time, the Charoen Krung district began to revive again. To bring color and vitality back to the old district, the artist wanted to convey the relationship of the waterfront lifestyle and the Charoen Krung area through the eyes of the new generation.
  [02] "LOCALISM"
Where: J. Henry Jeweller's Partnership, Soi Charoenkrung 47

Charoenkrung is an ancient area that is a blend of traditional lifestyle and culture. With contemporary art together Today, the new generation has played a role in shifting the context of the Charoenkrung district into a creative area. It may make it forget or overlook the local charm and simple lifestyle. This work wants to convey the internal structure of "Localism" through a depth of look at the inside of the characters outside of the modern form. While inside the letters are composed of different parts Of architectural works in the Charoenkrung district It encourages viewers to come back to realize the importance of the structure that was the starting point of this district.
Artist: Bunjerd.Boy
Where: J. Henry Jeweller's Partnership, Soi Charoenkrung 47

"Surprise" happens to us often when coming to this district. Because of the mixed ethnic and cultural diversity And the overlap of the eras Molded to be "Charoen Krung", a district that gives you a boost at all times Both to enjoy the arts and culture Win with a variety of architectural works Win with a lot of food Finish with a chance to win something new that has never been found.

Artist: Kitt.Ta.Khon | Technique: Plastic Weaving
Location: Wall of the entrance of Wat Muang Khae Soi Charoen Krung 34

Weaving Culture is the interpretation of the colors of the Charoen Krung district through the diversity of cultures that are integrated in the same area Artists believe that no matter what culture or religion they come from. Everyone is human. Therefore, this work chooses to create a language of graphic patterns through “polished” patterns, which is the basic method used to create patterns of handicrafts that convey the foundations of human civilization and harmony. In addition, the dragon pattern represents Charoen Krung Road. Where the aura of China is tinged with symbols of each culture such as the cross, the stars and the pattern of Thai fabrics, becoming the language of the patterns created by the cultural mix, like the Charoenkrung district.
  [05] "WE'ARE HUMAN"
Artist: ease-studio | Technique: Embroidery
Location: Wall of the entrance of Wat Muang Khae Soi Charoen Krung 34

'Charoenkrung' is the first street built in the western style of Thailand and is the center of people from all over the world who settled for trading or living.
The interestingness of this space is that people with differences can coexist. While maintaining the identity of the individual as well Although they differ in religion, skin color, nationality, gender, or social status, The artist wanted this set of artworks to show respect and respect for the diversity and inclusiveness of people. For although we are all different on the outside, we are actually 'humans' too.
Artist: Natthaphon Rojanaratanangkul
Location: TCDC Central Post Office (Front Building)

Artists want to connect space between work and people. Locals and non-residents with real locations To achieve interaction and understanding in various contexts Of the Charoenkrung district through the work of Scan, read & walk with QR Code as a medium for syncing data from url and Google map at various locations Of the Charoenkrung district and QR Code will be arranged with arrows pointing out the windows or doors. To tell viewers to scan the QR Code and go out to participate Interact with real people and spacesshnu Shrine.
Artist: Somchat Phatanasap
Location: TCDC Central Post Office (Front Building)

The artist wanted to connect the diversity of the Charoen Krung district from the past to the present through the characters and the colors that express each moment.

Artist: Ais Jindawong
Location: TCDC Central Post Office (Front Building)

The story of the Charoenkrung district is flowing from generation to generation. It is the center of people of various races and cultures. Because the colors of people are different. Regardless of race, religion, belief But came together in one picture that is Charoenkrung district Like yarn of various colors that are woven together to tell stories on the fabric The artist wanted to communicate stories of oneness of people. Through a bird's-eye view of the Charoen Krung district, it is made up of the different and colorful colors of life and place Which is the charm of this neighborhood that has never changed.
Artist: Pradipa Chanpinyo
Location: TCDC Central Post Office (Front Building)

The RE (again) represents the infinity. Contemporary style is constantly being created in the Charoen Krung district. Something has been modified, altered, reduced, or made into something new. But still retains the original aura of Charoenkrung perfectly This work is therefore created from this idea. Both techniques used in a variety of colors come together. Bringing different shapes To reduce or modify while keeping the original layout. Or the repetitive placement of various components represents doing "again" to convey the uniqueness of Charoenkrung's enchanting district once again endless.
Artist: Anesh Manakul
Location: TCDC Central Post Office (Front Building)

With outstanding old architecture in the Charoen Krung area
The artist opted to reduce it to simple geometric lines.
Combine with emoji characters of life, villagers and tourists to create a contemporary look.
Artist: Karun Jiamwiriyasathien
Location: TCDC Rooftop garden corridor (5th floor) member zone

Charoenkrung, the first modern western road in Thailand
A long period of time has created architecture that has changed over time.
And various memories, many are recorded in black and white photographs.
Until it comes into a colorful picture following the prosperity on this road that never stops.

Artist: Sarut Bowonthiraphak
Location: CAT Wall (Inside) Soi Charoenkrung 32

With a passion for the lights and music of the Charoen Krung district at night A historic neighborhood filled with colors from bars, bands and dance parties. At one time, Wong Kar Wai's movie In the Mood for Love (2000) used the Charoen Krung district. Bangrak in the shooting The artist wanted to combine the atmosphere of yesterday's entertainment with the atmosphere of the film. It is presented through a picture of a pair of men and women dancing. And flowers that give a feeling of love, romance and vitality. Like the calligrapher of the Charoenkrung district that used to be and can still be touched until now.

[13] "3:17 PM SUNRAY"
Artist: peungda
Location: CAT Wall (Inside) Soi Charoenkrung 32

The sunlight of Charoenkrung district at 3:17 PM is the most beautiful. Bring them back to homesick, friends, or happy times. Charoenkrung connects the feelings of yesterday back to the present moment. It is the impression that artists have of this district. Because of the diversity of cultures and the source of deliciousness So it is conveyed through this work with the tones of the sunlight at that time and the feeling of longing for the past.

Artist: Natthawit Thongprasert
Location: CAT Wall (Inside) Soi Charoenkrung 32

Charoenkrung Road is the starting point and the turning point to a universal prosperity that connects people of different races and religions. The colors of Charoenkrung are therefore historical pages that reflect the long-standing relationship of people. History of Emotions (Histoire des Sensibilité), a theory that provides a survey of information on ethnic and cultural diversity applied by artists. With this work
Presenting an abstract representation in the form of a map in the Charoen Krung-Charoen Nakhon district that has been reduced in information detail. Take the audience to explore the way of life of the two banks of the Chao Phraya River that connects

Artist: Panlert
Location: CAT Wall (Inside) Soi Charoenkrung 32

Charoenkrung is the first modern road in Thailand. Has a long history And is an area that brings together people from various cultures From the artist's point of view, Charoenkrung is a space where people come together to create new things and create interactions. By interpreting Charoenkrung district to be like a party Where people in the neighborhood come to create this area to have fun together Through a variety of graphic design shapes Instead of different cultures
People in the neighborhood

Artist: Sarun Tangtrongsit
Location: Fotoclub BKK Shop, Charoen Krung Soi 32

From the Gothic Revival church of Kalawar Temple, the stunning Gothic style stained glass decoration. The Assumption Cathedral, which was the first in Thailand, the Harunasathan Mosque or the Hundred Chak Sam House. Siam Commercial Bank Character, which is the first bank in Thailand, Warehouse 30, to the warehouse, house number 1, is like colors mixed with cultural diversity. Come together until a new color is formed The artist wanted to present the colors of the Charoenkrung district from architectural elements. Which is the identity and cultural heritage found in this district Invite everyone to come to harvest and inspire endlessly.
ishnu Shrine 
Artist: Khemphong Rungswang
Location: Tokyo Hot Shop, Charoen Krung Soi 43

Broken glass structure represents the old age of the Charoen Krung area. Both patterns and colors show the diversity of races and cultures of the Charoenkrung district in the past that was a fusion of Thai, Chinese, and foreign guests. The artist thought Bangkok is hotter than Tokyo. It communicates the thoughts and humor of people in this year Mirror Of Aged is like an old mirror that intelligently reflects the possibility of the present.

  [18] "BIRD'S EYE VIEW"
Artist: WISHULADA | Technique: Patching Materials on Wood
Location: Tokyo Hot Shop, Charoen Krung Soi 43

With the present fact that the Charoen Krung district has an increasing population of residents And the economic expansion Which is followed by a large consumption of resources The artist wanted to present a bird's-eye view of the Charoenkrung area map created from waste material. To reflect the current situation of consuming various forms of resources. And raise awareness among the audiences about the moderate use of resources and the maximum use of them. Upon completion of the work, it will be re-created as a new creation in accordance with the principles of the Circular Economy, circulating the use of materials and reducing the environmental impact.

Artist: Pornsilp Kakhakorn
Location: Wall of Pa Kew Shop, Soi Charoen Krung 43

Charoenkrung district is surrounded by various things That is a combination of tradition and contemporary. Are like ecosystems that depend on each other Both people in the neighborhood Natural environment House building The beauty of ancient architecture And many shops that help create the atmosphere and color of the Charoenkrung district to come to life

Artist: Kias Matt | Technique: Basic pop-up
Where: Wall of Khao Tom Ped Lao Tee

The window styles reflect the architectural diversity of the Charoenkrung area. Both Christ Church Roi Chak Sam Building Shou Heng Tai House, or Mosque, tells the story that is overlaid through Miss Hidy's calligrapher, where the artist chose to use foil packaged food from the collection while confined to the house during Covid-19 to decorate it. Because with the reflection feature of the foil that can connect people to the REFLECTION work in front of you as if you were. In front of the colored foil envelope, there are three pop-up doors hidden underneath the colors of Charoenkrung. Turned out to be the third dimension The artist was inspired by the homeless accommodation.

Location: New Heng Kee Shop

Collages that bring the color concept of the Charoen Krung district as the main problem. The artist chose to bring items that symbolize the characteristics of people of various races that come together in this area, such as cars, people of Europe. The abacus is chinese Goats are Muslims who came to trade in the goats in the past. Comes with the colors of fruits and flowers that are available in Thailand And paintings in the Renaissance period that wanted to convey the prosperity that was the prototype of the construction of Charoenkrung Road.
Artist: Kenz
Where: J. Henry Jeweller's Partnership, Soi Charoenkrung 39

"Charoen Krung district", a vibrant district on the diversity of coexistence between people of various eras Both the old and the new generation, overflowing with creative energy Visitors to paint this district come back to life. The artists therefore create works from the uniqueness of both eras that come together. Presented through the perspective of the new generation by using bright colors to attract the eye to accompany the story of the old through objects such as antique toys. But is like a time machine Taking everyone back to open the box of past memories Bring back the pictures of yesterday and the joy that has disappeared to brighten the present.
  [23] "GEKKO"
Artist: Panyawat Phitakwan
Where: Wall Shop 80/20, Soi Charoen Krung 26

Charoenkrung is an old neighborhood that is linked to the memories of the childhood of many people who enjoy walking down alleys and often faced with animal staves such as dogs and cats. It was a time filled with imagination and brilliance that should not be limited to childhood. The artist chose to present it through the image of the monster from the fauna of the area. It is a symbol of childhood imagination that will add color to the Charoen Krung district again.

Artist: Kraipol Kittisirot
Location: Old maps & prints shop

The artist recalls the cycle of beauty through the creation of floral paintings, which provide audiences a refreshing experience. But at the same time Reminds us that nature is uncertain Because old flowers when it is time to decompose into fertilizer to nourish the new flowers Like the way of life in the urban area, many people come from different cultures and beliefs. All coexist on the basis of respect And modernity that stinks with the aura of the old age way of life It is the coexistence of the past, present and future. This characteristic is the identity that brings life to life and breath from generation to generation to Charoen Krung Road.
Artist: Narupon Chaichalerm
Where: Walls, Soi Rong Nam Nueng, Soi Charoen Krung 24

This work shows aspects of the coexistence of diverse groups of people in the Charoenkrung area.By choosing to use images with bright colors and a variety of to communicate friendliness and living together in harmony flowers.

Artist: Prang Vejjajiva
Where: Walls, Soi Rong Nam Nueng, Soi Charoen Krung 24

This work showcases the interior art of Kalwah Church by cutting out shapes, colors, elements such as patterned glass windows and using the symbol of the church like roses. By choosing bright colors to catch the eye, including yellow, old rose, red, contrasting with dark colors Like blue and green Along with the wave-shaped stripes, it represents the church's position near the river. The artist wanted to invite the audience to see and feel the atmosphere of the 128-year-old church in the Little Talay district for themselves. To create positive energy and rejuvenate this place

  [27] "ROSARY"
Artist: MUKAE
Where: Walls, Soi Rong Nam Nueng, Soi Charoen Krung 24

Rosary in Thai means "rose" or "son Pra Kham", a symbol that represents the mother of the child Prakham temple. (Kal Wa Church), a place that is the center of hearts for Thai-Chinese Christians in the Talad Noi community area. The rose represents Christianity and the place is maintained to grow and become alive as a flower that has been watered and lovingly cared for by the Thai-Chinese people in the Talat Noi community.
  [28] "GOG CAI XING AI" (เทพเจ้าไฉ่ซิงเอี๊ย)
Location: Walls, Non Service Shop, Talad Noi

God Cai Xing Ai It is a symbol of good fortune and wealth that the Chinese people in the Talad Noi district have revered since the reign of King Rama 5, enshrined at Chao Pho Hon Wong Kung Shrine.(Shrine, shoe shed) to the present.

Artist: Sarinya Limthongthip
Location: Wall in front of Tai Nguan, Talad Noi

Charoenkrung, an old district rich in values ​​of Thai and Chinese culture blending western Reflected through the architecture that has a unique charm. With various details Both openwork wood grain. Stucco motifs, wrought iron or even letters on the shop sign. They shape memories and feelings for the artists who grew up and lived here. When seeing various environments Are changing with time The artist chose to keep a record of this area by going to a storage area on Charoenkrung Road. And incorporating elements of Thai architecture and characters through graphic and pattern design.

  [30] "GOOSES JOB"
Artist: Suchajamas
Location: Urai Goan, Pa Lo, Songwad Road

Charoenkrung District is a diverse arts and cultural district that fuses two ethnic groups, both Thai and Chinese. Born as a community and a shop of the Chinese descendants The artist then brought up the Chinese art of drawing as inspiration, combined with the contemporary. This work therefore communicates the story of the family culture in Chinese descent. Both regarding the parenting of the family and the way of life It reflects the long-standing relationship of Thai-Chinese people in the Charoenkrung area.

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