Chaiyaphum Street Art  
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 Description:   1. Chaiyaphum Somboon Rice Mill (1956)
Location: In front of Chaiyaphum Somboon Rice Mill
Artists: Nithis Jirawatcharadet, Piyangkul Chantarakul, Rattanapong Phimpisarn, Nirat Decha and Silthana Nabsamrong
 A work that records stories in the past to reflect that No matter how much time has passed, this place still has the same old way of life.

2. Yesterday...of our home
Location: next to the mill
Artist: Montree Kamsing
Map of Chaiyaphum City in 1974. Learning from the past will allow us to see the future clearly.

3. Draw a city plot lion dance
Position: Sawang Virtue Foundation
Artist: Kiattisak Pongthavorn and Thanat Bamrungchai
The lion dance is an expression of important occasions, meaning to celebrate special occasions. good start

4. A tricycle tells the story of the city.
Location: Soi Thanon Justice 2
Artist: Surapong Srikromrat and Kriengkrai Nuansai
Tells the story of the old city We Chaiyaphum people offer a small corner of history.

5. Build a warm relationship
Location: Nong Bo Intersection Municipal school entrance 4
Artists: Chalermwut Charoenwasakij, Ektip Saengchaipiangpen and Komkrit Lertchai
The connection of culture and traditions of the people in the area and the province that expresses the warmth and brightness. with the simplicity of the people conveyed in the form of symbols that the locals can understand.

6. Big plate
Location: Plum restaurant
Artists: Phumiphat Srinopparat, Sataya Susat and Niphon Munglaklang
Plum shop is a shop that has been open for a long time no matter how many eras. Plum shop is a rice restaurant that Chaiyaphum people are well known for their delicious food. Therefore,

7. Kids Street Art draw a town house Tell the way and play of Thai children in the imagination.
Location: Phongphao Witthaya School
Artist: Narit Lertutsahakul and Thannithi Payakkarasak
Open space for children and youth to draw pictures relating the farmer Thai children with various games.

8. Build a town house
Location: Wooden door of Karun drinking water shop
Artists: Piyangkul Chantarakul, Rattanapong Phimphisan and Rattanathep Naewkham
Because Nam Karun is an old wooden building that is beautiful and interesting. The idea was to have a drawing of students to come together to build a house in the city. Change the old and the new to coexist with no difference.

9. Family (NOT SEEN)
Location: Green Zinc, Karun Drinking Water Shop
Artist: Mr. Teerawit Sukprasert
Concept of playing with Karun. Fun of family and Isan

10. Nature to the Origin
Location: Ban Fah Wall
Artist: Teerawit Sukprasert
The concept is presented on the Chaiyaphum silk pattern through contemporary perspectives and ways of thinking.

11. Chaiyaphum House (DO NOT EXIST ANYMORE)
Location: Khlong Phutsa Market (right side)
Artist: Ajarn Surasak FachaiyaphumThe concept conveys feelings in the past of Chaiyaphum. Love and faith, simple way of life unity love Brotherhood, generosity, including good cultural traditions.

12. The former happiness of Khlong Phutsa Market (DO NOT EXIST ANYMORE)
Location: Khlong Phutsa Market (inside)
Artist: Peerapong Wongsrichand
Want to show the beauty of the atmosphere and the simple, beautiful way of life that conveys the happiness of Chaiyaphum people towards Khlong Phutsa Market in the past.

13. Tum Bak Hung Zabb Nua
Location: Khlong Phutsa Market (inside)
Because papaya salad is my favorite Isaan food. The taste is delicious and very colorful. As you can see, I chose to display the papaya leaves in the middle of the photo because I love its shape. and for the design of the glutinous rice bowl I think that is a very good expression of Isan culture

14. Night Bird
Location: Lertnimit Hotel
Artists: Sanchai Prasertsri and friends, brothers and sisters in university, Nirat Decha, Silthana Nabsamrong, Anthida Sribanhad, Piyaporn Jaklang and Supaporn Pakamin
Inspired by stories of native birds. endangered bird and migratory birds fleeing the winter to migrate to live in Chaiyaphum Province This reflects that Chaiyaphum Province has abundant water resources and forests.

15. Good things in Chaiyaphum from spray paint (NOT SEEN)
Location: Chaiyaphum College of Agriculture and Technology dormitory on the left side
Artist: Mr. Sakda Khamthong
The concept of creating color for the province by welcoming tourists who come with good things in Chaiyaphum

16. Thai trip to Chaiyaphum (NOT SEEN)
Location: Chaiyaphum College of Agriculture and Technology dormitory on the right side
Artist: Surapong Srikromrat and Kriengkrai Nuansai
Tell about the attractions of Chaiyaphum Province.

17. Colorful City of Chaiyaphum
Location: Soi next to Kalamang noodle shop
Artists: Sakda Khamthong, Teerawit Sukprasert and Kiattisak Pongthaworn
The idea of creating colors for the province to have art in a new form. but still remains in Chaiyaphum.

18. Little Three Eyes Tung Spider
Location: TN resort
Artist: Alex Face (Mr. Patcharaphon Tangruen)
The artist made the three-eyed sisters represent the happy children here. I'm playing Tung Spider to reach a higher point which is a symbol of the northeastern region.
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