Khao Khitchakut National Park  -  Khao Khitchakut Buddha Footprint   
 Known as:   Yot Khao Phrabat     
 Description:   Phrabath Hill, located about 5 km. away from the park’s office, houses a stone Chedi, the Buddha’s footprint, the upside down stone alms bowl and other peculiarly‐shaped stones. From the top of the hill visitors can appreciate the panoramic views of the Sa Bap Mountain Ranges, the Sukim Mountain and the town.
The Pluang Baddha’s Footprint, housed at top of the Pharbath Hill, could be reached from the Pluang monastery. 
 Province   Chanthaburi  Direction:      
 District   Khao Khitchakut    
 City   Pluang  Comments: Access road open only 2 months around March - April every year  Official Web:    
 Genre   Religion      Related links:    
 Best exposure   AM/PM          
 Opening time   24h/24/h          
 Entry fee   Forei: 100THB
Thai : 20THB
Pick-up 2x100THB/pax
    GPS :   12.83611 N 102.16954 E  
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 Khao Khitchakut Buddha Footprint  Buddha Footprint
 Top hill pick-up station  Walking way to Footprint
 Walking way to hill top  xx

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