Mueang Kalasin Street Art
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 Description:   The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has opened a new perception and memory of Kalasin Province. by presenting a creative perspective on the concept “Everything is creative at Kalasin”, one of which is Contemporary art presentation "Kalasin Street Art : Kalasin Dino Sin Tin Art" in which the stories will be told based on the daily life of the local people. put on fun Adding brightness to the 5 areas as follows: 1. Brick wall at the dinosaur roundabout (on the side of Wat Sawang Ganga) 2. Abandoned cinema wall (front 2 sides) 3. Abandoned cinema wall (side) 4. Corner wall Turning to the Prime Minister's house and 5. The wall opposite the fish sausage factory which will be like an outdoor gallery for people passing by to enjoy watching the street events.
 Province   Kalasin  Direction:    
 District   Mueang  
 City   Mueang  Comments:    Official Web:  
 Genre   Street Art      Related links:   https://www.facebook
 Best exposure   AM/PM         https://www.facebook
 Rating           https://www.facebook
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 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   NA  
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Mueang Kalasin Street Art  xx

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