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 Description:   Phu Phra National Park is located in Tambol Ta Kun Toh, Tambol Yang Oum, Amphur Ta Kun Toh, Kalasin province in the Pa Dong Mool Preserved Park Area. It is around 4 kilometers from Amphur Ta Kun Toh and was declared as a national park on 1st October 1983.

Originally, Phu Phra Forest is in the area of Dong Mool Preserved Forest. The outstanding feature is the mountain amidst the community. Inside this forest, there are many kinds of trees, wild animals, rivers and beautiful scenery. The area at the back of the mountain is a valley where an ancient Buddha Statue is located. There are interesting locations  inside the national park such as;

Sawoey Cliff a wide rock cliff with around 150-200 meters deep. It is a beautiful view point.

Siam Sub Cave is a cave in a sharp shape into the rock. At the entrance of the cave, the rock cliff can be seen here.

Phra Rord Cave occurred from the separation of the rock cliff. Inside the cave, it is around 2 meters wide and 30 meters long. In the ancient times, the monks used to stay here and practice Dhamma during Buddhist Lent.

Hin Yaek Cliff is a long cliff with around 20 meters long and 6 meters deep. The separated cliff is a little sway which can be a good view point.

Phra Cave is a 30 meters long cave. The entrance is around 15 meters wide. Inside the cave, there is a Buddha statue worshipped by the people in the city. During Songkran Festival, there is the water splashing festival to the Buddha Statue every year.

The topography around here is a high mountainous land with a valley on the hilltop. There is a rock and a field around the Phu Phra with around 410 meters high from the mean sea level. There are also many small canals which is the natural water resources.

There are 3 kinds of forests found here which are dry dipterocarp forests which covers around 50% of the area and consists of small woods and trees, dry evergreen forest which covers around 25% of the area with trees such as Iron wood, Burmese Rosewood, mixed forest which covers around 25% of the area consisting of different kinds of vine. The wild animals found in this area are such as wild boar, monkey, squirrel, snake and different kinds of birds.

How to travel here?

From Amphur Ta Kon Toh, take the highway 2299 at the 16th kilometre milestone. Moreover, the tourists can take the Udonthani- Kalasin bus and get off at Wat Sawang Tum Kerng which is in front of the national park.
 Province   Kalasin  Direction:      
 District   Tha Khantho    
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 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   16.87174 N 103.26345 E  
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