Khao Laem National Park  -    
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 Description:   Covering an area of 1,497 square meters in Thong Pha Phum and Sangkhla Buri districts, Khap Laem National Park is a peaceful jungle sanctuary offering a wide selection of recreation activities. Namtok Kateng Cheng, a 23-level waterfall, is a popular leisure spot for visitors while study trails are also available for those who wish to witness a complex combination of tropical trees and wildlife animals. Beware to visit the waterfall during the rainy season, though. Guildes are available at the park’s office and accommodations and camping spaces are also available. Admission: 200 baht for adults, 100 baht for children.

Contact: Tel. 0 3454 6802 (VoIP), 0 3453 2099, or The National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Bangkhen, tel. 0 2562 0760. www.dnp.go.th

Getting there: About 190 km. from Kanchanaburi on Highway 323 (Thong Pha Phum-Sangkhla Buri), the national park is situated at Km. 40, about 30 km. to Sangkhla Buri.
 Province   Kanchanaburi  Direction:      
 District   Sangkhla Buri     
 City   Prang Phe  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   National park      Related links:   http://kanchanaburi.  
 Best exposure   AM-PM            
 Opening time   n/a          
 Entry fee   NP fee     GPS :   15.03930 N 98.587189 E  
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Khao Laem National Park (All)  Pom Pee View Point
Namtok Dai Chong Thong  Namtok Kroeng Krawia
Vajiralongkorn Dam  Vajiralongkorn reservoir

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