Wat Tha Khanun  
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 Description:   It is an important monument of Thai-Monmouth descent, burmese and Karen. Originally belonged to the small bird ancestry, Luang Pu Puk, the monk, was dedicated to build a temple in the year 2773. When Luang Poo Monk died, Teacher Tainam, The Karen, is an abbot. The temple was renovated mondop and Budha's footprints by teacher Tainam. When he died, Wat Tha Khanun had been abandoned for a while until Luang Pu Sai from Nakhon Sawan cam and settled down. After his death, King Sopon, appointed Princes of Kanchanaburi Province, appointed Phra Kru Thammathorn (Small Suthammanee) to develop the temple. Inside the monastery, King Rama VII was given carved wood, removable rostrum to Wat Tha Khanun in 1930. In Her Royal Highness Princess Vajiralongkorn, The daughter of King Chulalongkorn, period, the temple was registered as antiquities of the two Fine Arts Department. In addition, Luang Pu Kor Kok has built the Buddha statue in the year 2535BE and pagoda with Myanmar style. It is a scenic spot on the top of the hill overlooking the lush green forest surrounding Thongphaphum.   
 Province   Kanchanaburi  Direction:      
 District   Thong Pha Phum    
 City   Tha Kha-nun  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Temple      Related links:      
 Best exposure   AM/PM          
 Opening time   n/a          
 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   14.74177 N 98.638470 E  
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Wat Tha Khanun  xx

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