Mueang Lampang Street Art  
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 Description:   On the south side of the Wang River in Lampang city centre you will find an impressive collection of locally produced street art.
Most of the murals are located on 400 metres of wall backing onto the riverfront path. For the exact location of the murals featured below see the location map at the end of this article.
Like the more famous examples of South East Asian Street Art in Penang and Ipoh, the street art in Lampang focuses on local history and culture, and scenes from local life.
Chickens, and in particular a white rooster, feature heavily in Lampang’s street art. The reason for this is that there is a legend associated with Lampang and chickens. According to this legend the Hindu God Indra came to Lampang and transformed himself into a white rooster to wake the local residents up in time to give alms to the Lord Buddha who, according to the legend, made a trip to the province.
Another thing Lampang is famous for is its ‘khao teen’ or rice cakes, in particular the rice cakes produced by Khun Manee and sold from her shop on the Ratsada Road in Lampang town centre. The Lampang rice cakes are made by mixing sticking rice with watermelon juice. The mixture is then left to dry in the sun before being deep fried and finally having syrup drizzled over the top. A significant proportion of Thai tourists to Lampang buy these rice cakes to take home as gifts and souvenirs.
One of the larger murals on the Wang Riverfront in Lampang features a near full set of the major tourist attractions in Lampang in black, white and gold including Baan Sao Nak, the Ratsadaphisek Bridge, the Thailand Elephant Conservation Center, Wat Phra That Lampang Luang and the railway line running through Lampang, which local people are very proud of.
Some of the murals in Lampang also employ an artistic technique that is is very closely associated with, and a major defining characteristic of, the South East Asian Street Art Movement as a whole: using existing features of the environment which the mural is painted on as part of the mural itself. The art becomes tied to the place where it is painted as the physical features are part of the picture.
The ‘children and pets’ mural in Lampang is a good example of this. The scene of children playing with dogs and cats is a typical everyday street scene in Lampang immortalised in the form of a painting. In the mural the local population is permanently imprinted on the physical environment emphasising the inextricable link between people, place and identity. It is as though the local people have literally seeped into the walls of the town.
The same themes are emphasised in the mural of the girl collecting mangoes, which includes a smaller picture of a boy on bike with a fishing road presumably to try his luck catching fish from one of the bridges over the Wang River. Collecting free food is very much a part of traditional life in Thailand as a whole and people still do it in the large modern town of Lampang.
(Credit : https://thailandlife.info/street-art-in-lampang/)
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  LAMPANG   Street Art  
  01 "Eight" 18.2902, 99.49906
  02 Thanon Tippawan 18.29149, 99.4986
  03  "Lampang Rooster" 18.29133, 99.49902
  04 Changpuag Bridge 18.29421, 99.50296
  05 Rassadapisek Bridge 18.29276, 99.50085
  06 "Pangsuree Art Home" 18.29209, 99.50012
  07 Thanon Praisanee 18.29221, 99.50014
  08 Trok Pongpranechang-1 18.29164, 99.49983
  09 Trok Pongpranechang-2 18.29177, 99.4998
  10 Sri-Krid Rd Zone A 18.293492, 99.502445
  11 Sri-Krid Rd Zone B 18.293143, 99.501460
  12 Sri-Krid Rd Zone C 18.292446, 99.499572
  13 Wang River 18.294, 99.50221
  14 "Nine In Café" 18.29454, 99.50327
  15 Pahmai Road 18.29436, 99.50454
  16 Wat Pratu Pong 18.29473, 99.50551
  17 "Giant" 18.2968, 99.50802
  18 "Coffee Coffee" 18.29831, 99.50931
  19 Suchada Road 18.29955, 99.51077
  20 "Naga" 18.29705, 99.51095
  21 Bunyawat Road 18.2918, 99.50786
  22 "989 Grill" 18.29046, 99.49822
  23 Chill Chill 18.29054, 99.49761
  24 Thanon Suandok 18.29048, 99.49613
  25 "Dejavu789" 18.28861, 99.49487
  26 "Bull" 18.29011, 99.49412
  27 Thanon Rasada 18.2938, 99.50046
  28 "NonNee Lampang" 18.27915, 99.48043
  29 Prasan Maitri Road 18.27872, 99.47769
  30 "Lotus" 18.27972, 99.4754
  31 "Tea time" 18.2798, 99.47457
  32 "Ceramic Street Art Lane" 18.28227, 99.4743
  33 "The Old Bike Lane" 18.28216, 99.47357
  34 Montri Road 18.28446, 99.47354
  35 Kao Chao Market 18.2827, 99.46733
  36 "Gaojo Boxing Camp" 18.28328, 99.46698
  37 "Lampang Railways" 18.28372, 99.46654
  38 "Lampang Food" 18.28347, 99.46697
  39 "Covid Heroes Homage" 18.284, 99.46431
  40 Tha Craownoi 18.28981, 99.47779
  41 "Boxing School" 18.25748, 99.49535
  42 "Phrabat" 18.2566, 99.49598
  43 "Central Lampang" 18.28303, 99.49566

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