Skywalk Chiang Khan  
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 Description:   Sky Walk Chiang Khan is located at Tambon Pak Tom, Amphoe Chiang Khan, Loei Province. It is the rst land in the Northeast where the Mekong River ows.
It is 80 meters above the Mekong River level or the equivalent of a 30-story building. The skywalk is made of clear glass that is 100 meters long and 2 meters wide. On the skywalk, you can see the Hueang River owing with the Mekong River. It is a beautiful 2-colored river caused by the natural border between Lao PDR and Thailand.
In addition, behind the Skywalk, there is a gigantic Buddha statue. It's an over-19-meters Leela attitude cast by resin-fuseder. The base of the Buddha image is lled with incense, candles, and Thai owers that local villagers and tourists pay homage for their auspiciousness in life. The evening is considered a beautiful sunset viewpoint. The winter morning is suitable for admiring the sea of mist spreading all over the area.
Opening hours : Open daily from 7:00a.m - 6:00 p.m.
 Province   Loei  Direction:      
 District   Chiang Khan    
 City   Pak Tom  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Scenery      Related links:      
 Best exposure   AM-PM          
 Opening time   N/A          
 Entry fee   60 THB for the pick-up to access to the site     GPS :   17.81969, 101.55336    
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