Monk Ordination  
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 Known as:   Buat Ton Mai    
 Description:       The ordination ceremony (UPASAMPADA) which makes a Theravada Buddhist monk is one of the 'legal acts of the Sangha' contained in the Buddhist Monastic Rule (VINAYA). The ceremony must be performed according to this Rule or else the ordination is invalid and the candidate not a monk. The strict requirement to follow the Rule has meant that the ceremony has remained unchanged since the time of the Lord Buddha. It is still conducted in Pali, the language of original Buddhism, to give the rite a solemn formality which reflects the importance of the occasion. However, as the ceremony is always public, with relatives and friends and other well-wishers in attendance, the Pali phrases are often translated and the ceremony explained.
 Province   Loei  Direction:   N/A  
 District   Pha Khao    
 City   Kok Noi  Comments:   To participate to a Monk ordination ceremony, you need to be invited by the close familly  Official Web:    
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01-Preparation 02-Shaving 03-Morning party
04-Dressing 05-Village procession 06-Monk blessing
07-Evening ceremony 08-Evening meal 09-Evening prayer
10-Morning meal preparation 11-Rice offering ceremony 12-Morning blessing
13-Monk meal 14-Ordination procession 15-Ordination ceremony
 16-Familly pictures  17-Monk daily life   

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