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 Description:   Wat Si Thep Pradittharam was built is 1859 by the city ruler Thongthip Mungklakiri. The temple used to be called Wat Sri Khun Muang. It was deserted temple until 1902 when Luang Pu Jahn Kemiyo or Phra Thepsitthajarn renovated the place. In 1906, the name was changed to Wat Si Thep Pradittharam.

 Luang Pu Jahn had become a novice since 10 years old on 9th April in 1891 before turned into monk at 20. He had been in the monkhood until he reached 92 years of age and passed away on 2nd February 1973. Therefore, on every 2nd February of each year, his students gather together to pay respect to his contribution to Buddhism.

On 22nd November 1979, King Rama IX gave set of monk’s robe in front of the coffin and the Queen gave sandalwood in the cremation ceremony. Luang Pu Jahn foundation and Rotary Club in Nakhon Phanom led by Chit Pitipat, the president of Luang Pu Jahn Foundation, Pisit Pitipat, the mayor of Nakhon Phanom, and Buddhist who respect the monk has established Luang Pu Jahn Museum around the temple in the north (near Saraparnnusorn Building) for the public to learn about biography of Thai monks who contribute to Dhammayuttika.

 The museum was first constructed in 2005 and done in 2006. The building was made of concrete with roomy hall and marble floor. The construction cost was 5.2 million baht. The opening was held in 2007. Inside the statue of actual size of Luang Pu Jahn on the 3 levels of marble altar covered with glass and surrounded with artificial lotus flowers. On the left corner, there is a 4-meter glass cabinet. There is an oil painting of Luang Pu put in the wooden frame. The cabinet is filled with eight necessities of a Buddhist monk including robes, hot water bottles, spittoons, monk’s alms-bowl, sandals and walking stick. Next is a pearl table. There are monk certificates of Luang Pu from the beginning. Another certificate is from when he had been entitled Phra Sarnparnmunee during the reign of King Rama VI before becoming head monk at Phra Thepsittajarn during the reign of King Rama IX. The 8-11entitled certificates, the third monk (Dhammayutti), were titled by Somdej Phra Sangkaratch Sakolmahasangkaparinayok. On the right, there is a worship table set with Buddha image, wooden Buddha image in giving blessing position and group photo of Dhammayutti monks shot on 23rd April 1965. Luang Pu Jahn sat on the front with renowned monks in Thailand including Luang Pu Kao Analyo, Luang Pu Tes Tesrangsri, Luang Pu Boonma Thitpemo, Luang Pu Orn Yarnsiri and Luang Pu Lord Pamotito.        

Also, this temple has a very beautiful ordination hall decorated with 108 delightful murals on the wall. Enshrined in this temple is the very important Buddha image of Phra Sang which by legend was made at the same time as the Buddha images of Phra Suk and Phra Sai (Wat Phochi-Nongkai). The stupa behind the ordination hall holds the ashes of Luang Por Jahn and rare mural paitings which have been given an international award by freelance photographer. 
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 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   17.39606 N 104.78823 E  
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