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 Description: From 1965 onwards, the use of American military dogs has been wide spread in Thailand. One of the first occasions was when police dogs were part of the Vietnamese War. Ever since they have taken part in several military offices throughout Thailand for instance the air force in Ubon Ratchathani has got a guard dog called Jody who once saved lives by warning the people and fought in sabotage, in the end it received a Purple Heart Medal.

The official Centre of Military Dogs established in 1968 under the advice of His Majesty the King in order to diminish loss of lives in fights as dogs have got more sensitive senses compared to humans. Air Chief Marshall Thawee Julasap of the Supreme Command Headquarters was one of the chief in forming the organization. In the process of training the dogs, Captain Sanoh Samitakasetrin was in charge. The training process was divided into 2 stages taking place throughout 5 years. The first session took place on July 1, 1968 and ended in August 30, 1972. The 5 year session comprised of sessions concerning the production process of quality military dogs, the coaching of the dogs and also training the dogs in actual situations. The trained dogs are distributed to several military offices across the country including the air force, the navy and also Thailandís border patrol.

In accomplishment of the training program, His Majesty the King presented a medal in honour to the military dog trainers as well as the dogs at Phu Ping Ratchanives Palace in Chiang Mai on March 27, 1970. Another set of medals were presented to military dog trainers and dogs which were trained for bomb retrieving on June 10, 1972 at the District of Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima.

Once accomplished the goal in training, the Centre of Military Dogs was officially ended by the announcement of the Ministry of Defense on June 22, 1973. Instead of having a separate office, the Centre of Military Dogs was a separate office under the Supreme Command Headquarters. There are over 760 dogs under the training program in which they will be distributed to 6 offices. Colonel Payom Jetasanont is the first director of the training centre.

On February 1, 1985, the military dog training program was shifted from being under the Supreme Command Headquarters to the Army Veterinary Department taking the code 3430 as their temporary code. Later, on April 29, 2006 the military dog training program transformed its internal system and so the code of the military dog training program changed to 3400. At the moment, Colonel Sirin Thawitsri is in charge of the program.
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