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 Description: Thepphitak Phunnaram Temple is located on the area of Sisead Ah Mountain, Klang Dong Moo Baan that is on the right side of highway number 2 (Mittraparb Road) on the 150-kilometer marker, there is a crossroad for 2 more kilometers and paved road to the temple.

Thepphitak Phunnaram Temple has a large white Buddha Image called “Phra Phuta Sakol Sima Mongkol” that is given my His Majesty The King, King Rama IX. However, the villagers called the Buddha Statue as Luang Por Kao or Luang Por Yai. The long measure of the Buddha statue in the posture of meditation’s width is 27.25 meters and 45 meters high. The meaning of this is that the Buddha has been meditating for 45 years after his enlightenment. It was built with concrete mixed with iron. It is outstanding on the high mountain that is 112 meters or 56 Wa above land level. The meaning of this is that, there are 56 virtues of the Buddha. On both left and right sides of the Buddha

Statue, it was created to me curved like the shape of drepane punetatus leave, heart shape. The allover stairs are 1,250 steps, meaning about the number of monks who gathered together without any appointment in Makhabucha Day. 
 Province Nakhon Ratchasima  Direction:
 District Pak Chong 
 City Klang Dong  Comments:  Official Web:  
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 Entry fee Free GPS : 14.61549 N 101.26553 E  
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