Si Kiu Stone Quarry-Laeng Hin tat  -  
แหล่งหินตัด สีคิ้ว
 Known as: Seekiew Stone Quarry Site   
 Description: Sikhio Stone Quarry Site is located in Mittraphap Road (Highway number 2). It is far from Meuang district for about 40 km. In km. no.206-207, there is a hill filled with white sand stone on your left. On this hill, you can see the trace of rock extraction and the trace of chisel which is used as a tool to extract the rock. It is assumed that in the past, people brought sand stone in this area to build nearby stone palaces such as Meuangkhaek palace, Nongu palace and Meuanggao palace.
 Province Nakhon Ratchasima  Direction:
 District Sikhio 
 City Mittraphap  Comments:    Official Web:  
 Genre Historic  Related links:    
 Best exposure AM/PM  
 Opening time na  
 Entry fee Free GPS : 14.85576 N 101.67485 E  
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 Si Kiu Stone Quarry-Laeng Hin tat  xx 

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