xxxx   NARATHIWAT province       นราธิวาส   xxxx

    Narathiwat located approximately 1,149 km south of Bangkok on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand at the border of Malaysia at Su-ngai Kolok district. The province has a white elephant called Phra Sri Nararat Rajakarin, who is featured on the provincial seal. Narathiwat draws many Malaysians and Singaporean visitors and features a distinct culture featuring many Muslim Thais. Seventy five percent of Narathiwat is covered with jungles and mountains, there are numerous beaches, and there a number of magnificent temples to visit.

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AMPHOE MUEANG (Narathiwat district)
Wat Khao Kong     วัดเขากง
Wat Chon Thara Singhe   วัดชลธาราสิงเห
Bird singing contest      
Fishing village    
Muslim market    
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