xxxx   PATTANI province       ปัตตานี xxxx

    Pattani is an east-coast province in the south, adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand, with the area of approximately 1,940 square kilometres. There are two major rivers: Tani and Sai Buri. Being a civilized town in the past, the present Pattani still maintains some ruined ancient town in Amphoe Yarang. Due to its mountainous area and long seashore of about 170 kilometres, Pattani has been an important port and the centre of the administration, trading, and culture. There are several tourism resources of nature, historical ancient places, and traditional culture which have been the integration of Thai, Chinese and Islam.

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AMPHOE MUEANG (Pattani district)
Krue Se Mosque      มัสยิดกรือเซะ
Wat Chang Hai Rat Buranaram   วัดช้างให้ราษฎร์บูรณาราม
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