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 Description:   Kwan Phayao is situated in MueangPhayao District in Phayao Province. It is the biggest freshwater lake in Northern Thailand and the fourth biggest in Thailand after BuengBoraphet, Nong Han Lake and BuengLahan. The word “kwan” in Thai dialects means “lake”. Kwan Phayao is a natural lake with a mountain range in its backdrop. The source of water in the lake is from 18 streams. Its water volume per year is 29.40 million m3 in average. Over 48 species of freshwater fish are found in the lake, which covers an area of 12,831 rai. The scenery that is natural and captivating for visitors is the reason why it is renowned to be the heart of Phayao Province.

Restaurants as well as parks for people to relax are found in the area. In the past, Kwan Phayaowas an alluvial plain with the long winding path of Ing River running from the north to the southeast of the plain. There were also ponds of different sizes and water channels that flow down from Khun Kao DoiLuang and connected, making the plain fertile. Since then, many people came to settle in the areaand formed a community.

In the middle of the lake, historical remains of a submerged temple known as “Tilok Aram Temple” built during the reign of King Tilokarat are found. On the full moon day of the 3rd, 6th and 8th lunar month or also known as MakaBucha Day, VisakahBucha Day and AsalhaBucha Day, a candlelit procession (Wien Tien) in Phayao Lake takes place at dusk. People make offerings of flowers, incense and candles on the boat that circles the temple for three times to worship the Buddha image of LuangPorSila. Kwan Phayao during these times is remarkable with the colors of the sky, shining candlelights that reflect in the water on full moon night.

The incomparable atmosphere of being by the lake makesMueangPhayaoanother place worth visiting. You will feel content to participate in the ceremony and to see the beautiful culture and traditions that the locals have preserved.
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Kwan Phayao (All)  Dragon sculpture on the lake
Kwan Phayao  Kwan Phayao pier
Phayao Lake beach  Sunrise on Kwan Phayao
Sunset on Kwan Phayao  XX 

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