Coral Mountain  
 Address:   Phu Khao Hin Pakarang 0-Jan-00  
 Known as:   Phu Khao Hin Pakarang เขาหินปะการัง  
 Description:   Phu Khao Hin Pakarang, also called Khao No by many people, is located in the area of the village number 8, Ban Khao Perm Pattana, Sap Phutsa Sub-district, Chon Daen District, on Chon Daen mountains. This high rock mountain is around 1,200 meters above sea level and is 45 degrees slope. It looks strange and different to the other mountains nearby since there are a lot of sharp grey rocks appearing everywhere looking like coral. Some pieces of rock, when being tapped by wood or iron objects, will make an echoing sound like the sound of the bell. These rocks are found throughout the entire mountain. However, there are also many types of trees on the mountain, especially Chan Pha Tree, a rare auspicious tree grown in mixed forest.
Direction: From Bangkok, the tourists can take the highway number 21 to Na Cha-liang junction, and then turn left to Sap Phutsa Sub-district for approximately 16 kilometers. At the T-junction, turn right to Chon Daen District for about 5 kilometers. After that, turn left at the junction to Phu Khao Hin Pakarang for around 3 kilometers.
Phu Khao Hin Pakarang was resulted from the subsidence of the earth crust and the collapse of rocks for million years. Its physical appearance is a rock lawn. The rocks are sharp, long, and slim, looking like a large coral reef under the sea.
Phu Khao Hin Pakarang is located in the area of the village number 8, Ban Khao Perm Pattana, Sap Phutsa Sub-district, Chon Daen District. These two large rock mountains cover hundreds of Rai. They are 45 degrees slopes and are situated around 1,200 meters above sea level.
The forests in Phu Khao Hin Pakarang are generally mixed forest and deciduous forest. The entire mountain is made of rock with long greenish grey and off-white strips. The pattern looks strange, like coral. When these rocks are tapped, they will echo in different pitch. At the same time, there are some plants growing on these coral-like rocks, such as Tian Hin, Chan Pha, Hanuman Nang Thaen, and wild orchid. The mountain is quite abundant since there are wild fowls, barking deer, and other wild animals living there.
It is said that people who noticed the strangeness of Phu Khao Hin Pakarang informed “Nai Ruen” and “Ram,” the chief executives of Sap Phutsa Sub-district Administration Organization. After the chief executives had checked the place, they sent this matter to the District Chief. Finally, the policy to develop Phu Khao Hin Pakarang was launched in order to make this place the new tourist attraction of the province.
 Province   Phetchabun  Direction:      
 District   Chon Dean    
 City   Sap Phutsa  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Geology      Related links:      
 Best exposure   AM/PM            
 Opening time   na          
 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   16.06701 N, 100.88360 E    
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