Rai B.N.  -    
 Address:   Mu 11 Thanon Camp Son- Sa Do Phong, Tambon Camp Son,     
 Known as:        
 Description:   Fresh fruits and vegetables direct from fields and orchards are on offer at this farm, also known as “Rai B.N.”, with availability varying according to the season. Visitors can buy broccoli, iceberg lettuce and eggplant, as well as strawberries, lychees, macadamia nuts and more. Also on offer are preserved fruits and vegetables, often baked, candied or made into jams. Decorative plants and flowers, such as Bird of Paradise, torch ginger, and those in the Heliconia family are also available. Visitors can explore the vegetable plots and plant growing and take a walk around the farm.

B.N. Farm is located at Mu 11 Camp Son- Sa Dao Phong Road, Tambon Camp Son, AmphoeKhaoKho, Phetchabun. To get there, from Highway 12, Phitsanulok – LomSak Route, at Km.100 at Ban Camp Son, turn into Highway 2196 for 3 kilometers, where a direction sign for the farm can be seen. Turn right and proceed for another 3 kilometers.


The farm is open daily from 8.30 am-5.00 pm.
 Province   Phetchabun  Direction:      
 District   Khao Kho    
 City   Khaem Son  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Scenary      Related links:      
 Best exposure   AM-PM          
 Opening time   na          
 Entry fee   Free     Coordinates:    16.74320 N 101.01890 E  
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 Rai B.N Fields
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