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วัดพระธาตุผาซ่อนแก้ว (ข้อมูลและวิดีโอท่องเที่ยว)  
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 Description:   Wat Phra Thad Pha Son Kaew is located at the hilltop of Thang Daeng Village, Tambol Camp Son with the area of 91 rai. It is founded in 2004 as a Dharmma practice center. Formerly, it was called “Phra Thad Pha Son Kaew Dhamma Center”.

This Dhamma practice center is located amidst the nature with peaceful atmosphere surrounded by high mountains. On the hilltop, there is a cave where many of the Thang Daeng villagers used to see a flying marble in the sky that flies to this cave. The villagers believed it to be the Buddha’s spirit. They believed this place is auspicious and sacred and called it “Pha Son Kaew”.

There are buildings and rooms for Dhamma lecture and also accommodations for Dhamma practitioner. This temple also offers Dhamma courses. People who are interested in joining can register via www.phasornkaew.org.

Apart from serving as a Dhamma practice center, it is also one of the interesting tourist attractions of Petchaboon province. Important places inside the temple include;

1. Phra That Pha Kaew Chedi

On the foundation of the Chedi is used as a storing place for Dhamma doctrines and pictures. It is also used as a place for meditation.

2. Green Jade Sala

It is a square Sala surrounded by big transparent mirrors in order to feel close to the natural atmosphere.

3. Green Jade Buddha Image

It is a Buddha image in the Mara Vichai posture which is the art of Chiangsaen. This Buddha image was carved from jade with the Buddha’s relics inside the head part.

4. White Jade Buddha Image

It is a Buddha image in the sitting posture which is built according to the Kantara art. The head part also contains the Buddha relics.

5. Lan Pho (Bhodhi Courtyard)

This courtyard is full of Bodhi trees which are the spiritual anchor of the Buddhist. The Buddha become enlightened under the Bodhi tree that is why it has been so important and is always involved in the Buddhist ceremony.

6. The Buddha’s Relics

7. Phra Siwalee courtyard, where “Phra Siwalee Buddha Image” is located.
 Province   Phetchabun  Direction:      
 District   Khao Kho    
 City   Khaem Son  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Temple      Related links:      
 Best exposure   Afternoon          
 Opening time   na          
 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   16.78955 N 101.05102 E  
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