Phetchabun City Pillar Shrine   
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 Description:   The city pillar shrine is situated in the centre of Phetchaboon province. Itís Thai pavilion with three portico where the sandstone city pillar inscribed with Khmer and Sanskrit letters was placed. Itís presumed that the city pillar has set up here since Sukhothai period. In Ayutthaya period, the city wall was moved back and Wat Tribhumi became the center. According to old-fashioned belief, the city pillar is symbol of community and urban area settlement for harmonious living.

From hearsay, the city pillar was a tree in front of the old shrine of city-spirit. The wooden pillarís broken and the placeís too small. In 1960, the wooden pillar was replaced by sandstone pillar and in 1980 the shrine was renovated in wooden-brick building. The government office built the new shrine in 2006.

Itís considered as the spiritual center of Phetchaboon people. Many visitors come here for worship, benediction and praying. Whenever they get into trouble or wish something, theyíll come to pray. If they get what they want, theyíll fulfill their vow with entertainment such as showing film and Thai traditional dramatic performance. You will hear that drivers blow a horn 3 times for paying respect to the city-god. Moreover, many newly-weds pray here for blissful couple living. The city pillar shrine has an influence in townspeople.

 Province   Phetchabun  Direction:      
 District   Mueang    
 City   Nai Mueang  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Religion      Related links:   16.42097 N  
 Best exposure   Afternoon         101.15992 E  
 Opening time   na          
 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   16.42097 N 101.15992 E  
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