Tham Phra Khayang  -    
 Known as:   Phra Chayang Cave    
 Description:   Tham Phra Khayang is a small cave on a mountain in Lam Liang Subdistrict, Kra Buri District, Ranong. It was formerly known as Tham Khao Yang and is related to a legend of the establishment of the district. Inside the cave, about 40 metres from the cave mouth, there are stairs leading upward and further outside to where rare herbs are believed to have been grown. Visitors are recommended to bring candles or a torch with them. The caveís interior is relatively humid partly due to dung of numerous bats which inhabits the cave. For those who donít like caves, you can discover the natural beauty of a nearby shady mangrove forest where there is no bat smell. There is also a one-kilometre long walkway through the forest, along which different kinds of trees and epiphytes like ferns grow. Here is where you can learn more about the natural world. During low tide visitors will see various kinds of crabs as well as mudskippers. Besides, located to the right of the cave is another cave called Tham Phra, where a Buddha image is hosted. This cave is not quite deep and has a relatively large chamber.

Furthermore, every year during the Chinese New Year, a three-to-seven-day fair is held for people to gild and pay respect to the Buddha image. The fair also permits visitors to explore the beauty of the cave and see the rare herbs. Moreover, this fair is a way to promote local products known as Khong Di Muang Kra and tourism in Ranong. In the fair there are processions of the legend of Phra Khayang and local products from every subdistrict of Kra Buri. The processions will walk from the Nam Chuet Subdistrict Municipal office to the cave. In addition, there are Khwan Chai Phra Khayang and Khwan Chai Mittraphap contests, a local product and agricultural product contest, a beef cattle contest, a country music singing competition, a Manora show, a boat tour and a takraw competition.
 Province   Ranong  Direction:      
 District   Kra Buri    
 City   Lam Liang  Comments:      Official Web:    
 Genre   Cave      Related links:      
 Best exposure   n/a          
 Opening time   n/a          
 Entry fee   Free     Coordinates:    10.33098 N 98.762723 E  
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 Tham Phra Khayang  Cave
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