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 Description:   Mt. Faa Chi resides in a small harmonious District of Bang Kaew along Petchkasem Highway. It is under the governance of La OonCounty. Mt. Faa Chi is located at the spot where La Oon canal flows into the Kraburi River and a cove which separates Ranongfrom Myanmar. The name Faa Chi refers to a dome (used in covering dishes) which is where the mountain adopted its name, being dome shaped. It is 259 metres above sea level and is prime viewpoint for experiencing panoramic scenery of sunsets across the Kraburi River flowing into the sparkling Andaman Sea. The peak of the mountain offers a wide view of Myanmar and also little islands in the sea. Mt. Faa Chi is highly recommended for viewing sunsets. Twilights here are exceptionally mesmerizing during the cool season, from November to December.

As La Oon River is quite large and is a route to Myanmar, this particular point was a stronghold for Japanese troops during WWII. It was where the Japanese invaded British (Myanmar). Nearby was the Japanese military quarter as evidence including old war ships, railway routes and tunnels has been found. Nowadays, a little village called Baan KhaoFaa Chi has formed alongside the river.

A war themed museum is located a few minutesí walk away from Baan KhaoFaa Chi. The museum exhibits old locomotives of WWII as the area was originally Faa Chi train station. The railway route here was separated from Choomporn station and is more than 90 kilometers. The construction began in June 1925 and finished in early 1945, due to unsettled political issues the railway was severely destroyed by bombs.

As WWII ended, the railway was kept as memorial but the British disassembled it and took railway sleepers back to Malay. All that is left today from that era is an old locomotive.
 Province   Ranong  Direction:      
 District   La-un    
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 Entry fee   Free     Coordinates:    10.19323 N 98.719371 E  
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