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พิพิธภัณฑสถานแห่งชาติสตูล คฤหาสน์กูเด็น
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 Description: Located in the municipality area, opposite Land Department Office, Ku Den 's Mansion was formerly a residence of Rong Ammarttri Phraya Phuminart Phakdi ( Tuanku Baharuddin bin Tamma-ngong ), the governor of Satun.

The two-storey building got the influenced of western styled architecture; particularly the windows and doors which are of Roman motifs. The roofs were designed in the Thai 's Panya style. The windows were assembled with narrow strips of boards arranged horizontally. The semi - circular clay tiles were used to cover the roofs. The ventilation at the upper-front of the building is decorated with starshaped designs , imminently influenced by Muslim architecture . Ku Den's Mansion was later donated to the government and was used as governmental offices such as Satun Municipality , Provincial City Hall , Satun District Office, and Office of Internal Security Operations Command - Satun Branch, respectively. Now the building is under the jurisdiction of Fine Arts Department for maintenance and preservation, and in the near future it is to be turned into a Museum for Islamic Studies. 
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