Satun Geopark  -  Satun Geopark Center  
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 Description:   The area is located in Satun province, southern Thailand, with a total area of 2,597.21 km2 (1,099.47 km2 of land area and 1,497.74 km2 of sea area). The proposed Geopark area is composed of mountains and foothills on the east and north while beaches and coastal islands line the Andaman Sea to the west. The population is about 113,110 people. Economic activities are mainly based on agricultures, fishery, tourism and small local business. Satun provides an understanding of not only the biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy and marine sedimentary evolution of the Shan-Thai terrane, but also of paleoclimate and paleogeography. It is well known as the land of Palaeozoic fossils in Thailand and Southeast Asia.  
 Province   Satun  Direction:      
 District   Thung Wa    
 City   Thung Wa  Comments:    Official Web:   Link to Official web site  
 Genre   Geology      Related links:    
 Best exposure   AM/PM          
 Opening time   N/A          
 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   7.0867 N 99.768519 E  
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