Bird Singing Contest   
 Address:   Soi Song peenong    
 Known as:        
 Description:   Cooing birds are popular among Southerners, particularly residents of the five Southern provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, Satun and Songkhla. The most sought after birds are from breeding farms in Chana District, approximately 40 kilometers from Hat Yai District on Highway 408, where dove lovers from neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore flock to purchase the birds. Dove cooing competitions are held annually between January and July. Criteria used in judging the quality of dove's sound is based on pitch, melody, volume, and continuity in its singing.  
 Province   Songkhla  Direction:      
 District   Hat Yai    
 City   Khlong Hae  Comments:   Can be seen in many places usually on Sunday morning  Official Web:    
 Genre   Event      Related links:    
 Best exposure   AM          
 Opening time   Variable          
 Entry fee   Free     Coordinates:    100.476971 E 7.029616 N  
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 Bird Singing Contest   XX 
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