Wat Pha Kho
 Address:   Mu 6 in Tambon Chumphon on Khao Phatthasing     
 Known as:   Wat Ratchapraditsathan    
 Description:   Located at Mu 6 in Tambon Chumphon on Khao Phatthasing which takes about 48 kilometers on Songkhla-Sathing Road from the city, Wat Pha Kho was built in 43 B. C. and used to be the shelter for Somdet Pha Ko or Luangpho Thuat Yiap Nam Thale Chuet who was considered the most revered monk in the south back in the day. The legend has it said that the pirates had kidnapped Somdet Pha Kho as they wanted to test his power. The ship could sail for the short distance before it stops for no particular reason which takes several days t repair until theres no fresh water left to consume. Somdet Pha Kho felt pity for them so he put his left foot in the sea which magically turns into freshwater. The pirates become faithful and apologize by sending him back to the temple. From that time on, people started to be respectful to him.  
 Province   Songkhla  Direction:      
 District   Sathing Phra    
 City   Sathing Phra  Comments:      Official Web:    
 Genre   Temple      Related links:    
 Best exposure   Morning          
 Opening time   08.00 - 17.00          
 Entry fee   Free     Coordinates:    736'05″N  10023′35″E  
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