Tham Chao Ram   -    
 Known as:   Khao Ram Cave Chao Ram cave  
 Description:   The Chao Ram Cave is supposed as The Rama Cave which was inscribed inthe third side of the first stele that “…there was a stele in Cha-Leong town which was built along with the Phra Si Rattanathat. The stele was located in the Rama Cave which was situated beside Lam Pairiver…” The name was wrongly said from the Rama Cave to the Chao Rama and Lam Pairiver is Lam Pan river which is near the Chao Rama Cave these days. The Sila Buddha Image was also found in the cave and later the Tung –Sa-Leom local people called it Sila Monk

The Chao Rama Cave is located in Moo.9, Wang NamkaoSubdistrict, DanLanhoi of Sukhothai Province which is about 23 kilometers away from Tung Sa-Leom District. Nowadays, it is under the protection of Royal Forest Department. There are a number of bats inhabiting in the cave leading to a lot of their excrement which can be used as fertilizer. The government allows the local people to collect the excrement for sale resulting its income from taxing accumulation worth up to 80,000 Baht per month. Annually, the local people can collect the excrement for 8 months.

The official of Sukhothai Province hold the ecotourism including the sight seeing at the Chao Rama Cave and a colony of about 100,000 of bats which fly out from the came at night for finding food. Bats communicate with each other by emitting the Sona Wave to avoid obstacles. The bat which inhabits in the Chao Rama Cave is the specie which eats insects and nectar consisting of 6 kinds of bats; that is, the Cave nectar Bat, the obold's Bat, the shield-faced roundleaf Bat, the Horsfield's Leaf-nosed Bat, the Wrinkle-lipped Bat, the Common Bentwing Bat.

The surprise fact about bats is every time when the colony of bats fly out of the cave for insects for food, the first group of bats will be responsible as the commando; that is they will sacrifice themselves to deceive the hawk waiting to catch bats for food to follow them so that the second group of bats can consecutively fly out from the cave for 2 hours. The visitors will see and exciting experience about ten hundred thousands of bats fly huddling as the curve line across the sky in the twilight. Then, the colony of bats will fly back to the cave in the dawn.

For tourists who want to visit the Chao Rama Cave have to be allowed from The department of Wildlife Sanctuary which is located at HuaiNongkoa Reservoir which is about 7 kilometer before the Chao Rama Cave.
 Province   Sukhothai  Direction:      
 District   Ban Dan Lan Hoi     
 City   Taling Chan  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Cave      Related links:      
 Best exposure   AM/PM          
 Opening time   n/a          
 Entry fee   Free     GPS :   17.20475 N 99.465494 E  
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