Trooping the colors 2007  
 Known as:   Thai Royal Guards parade    
 Description:   All three branches of the armed forces take part in the parade, as seen in the composition of the Massed Military Bands, Bugle Squads and the Colour Parties of the 13 military units participating. The parade is notable for the colourful uniforms on display; pith helmets with heavy plumes resembling bearskins are worn, except for the lone cavalry unit in attendance - with British-style cavalry helmets and Thai lances on horsebacks - and the Naval Cadets. These uniforms are a nod to the British military traditions in the Royal Thai Armed Forces since the time of King Rama V Chulangkorn in the final years of the 19th century, with a combination of the British and German military drill and ceremonial. The general public also attend the parade celebrations, and Thai television stations broadcast this to the entire nation.

Of the 13 participating battalions most are from the Royal Thai Army with two battalions, one each from the Royal Thai Navy and Royal Thai Marine Corps and another two battalions coming from the Royal Thai Air Force; all in full dress uniforms. Of all of them, most are active military units, the rest are military academies of the Royal Thai Armed Forces, represented by cadet battalions of the academies themselves led by their commandants.

The tradition started in 1953 by King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), as a simple colours ceremony for the new colours of the 1st Infantry Regiment "The King's Guards" and has now grown into a national military tradition through the years. Since 2009, however, Trooping the Colours is not held, however the oath taking part of the ceremony is retained, plus the ceremonial march-in and march-out of the troops and the Massed Bands, the Royal Salutes and the Royal 21-Gun Salute.
 Province   Bangkok  Direction:      
 District   Dusit    
 City   Dusit  Comments:   Normally every year around the 2nd of December  Official Web:      
 Genre   Event      Related links:    
 Best exposure   N/A          
 Opening time   Evening          
 Entry fee   Free     Coordinates:    13.768807 N 100.511890 E  
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